AI Language?

Another Sunday spent studying – learning about research into translation studies, with the aim of understanding how to answer my EMA question – which is the exam marked assignment, indicating the end of my 1st part, which needs to be submitted by September 7th.   I cannot believe that I am so near to the end of my 1st part. 2 more to go after that, and then NO MORE STUDYING (maybe….I said that after my BA).

I learned how to do mind mapping today, very cool. I think I spent longer making that look pretty than reading – hope it works!! It is specifically aimed at answering the EMA, so at the very least it will be useful for referring to when it comes to writing it.  I also had an idea for one that will be personally interesting to me – I’m not going to share that with you until I have done the research – which may well not be until I have finished the MA – or may even form part of it.

I came across an article about AI learning its own language and was horrified that FaceBook shut it down! It’s fascinating that they veered from English because there was no reward for sticking to it. What do you think, should they have shut it down? Or let it learn and learn from it?

I read another article, in which it says “There’s another challenge: Machine learning makes sense of the world based on the information fed into it. That adheres to one of the fundamental rules of computing: garbage in, garbage out.” and thought “no different to people really, then”.

That reading adventure led me to another article which explains about another kind of language, and one that I don’t yet really understand – maybe my next area of in-depth learning after I finish this one!