From the Literary Sofa Blog

Considering my passion for foreign languages and fiction, I can’t believe it’s taken over five years to invite a literary translator onto the Sofa. Today I am delighted to be rectifying that with a visit from Alison Layland, and whilst she was busy writing her guest post, I decided to read her latest translation, of […]

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Why Am I Doing This?

I am asking myself this already – see how I like to question things?  Especially myself!  Well, I am in my first year of an MA in Translation and thought that I would have a place to keep interesting things that I come across, and my thoughts, if I have any that I deem to be worth sharing, largely for myself, but half hoping that some people might find the same things as I do interesting.  The first thing I am going to share is what I will usually be listening to when I post things on here, largely because they sometimes play Chambao and El Barrio, and Paco and Camarón, and some chill flamenco fusion type stuff too.